Update 15.10.2014 (

  • Error that lead to inability to log-in on MacOSX has been fixed
  • Fixed a rare bug with appearing giant statues on the map
  • Added reflection on the cockpit glass and on the devices inside the cockpit
  • Rare bug with black shadows on WinXP render has been fixed
  • Fixed two client crashes
  • Ground forces battle ratings have been changed (information in this table).
  • Fixed missing “Artillery strike” module on Wirbelwind
  • In RB mixed battles Respawn Points given for being in the line of sight of the enemy were decreased by 2 times
  • For better balance certain respawn and capture zones were moved on Mozdok and Poland maps

Damage model and ammunition of the Ground forces

  • Fixed damage model on next ground vehicles: T-34-85, ISU-122, ISU-152, ZSU-37, that lead to vehicle to be destroyed with only part of the crew being disabled
  • Fixed damage model of Sdk.fz 6/2 and GAZ-MM 72-k. Now those vehicles are possible to be destroyed by ramming tank
  • Decreased chance of the ammunition explosion for small-caliber shells 20-37mm
  • Fixed type of the AP 75mm shell of the KwK37 cannon from APBC to APCBC
  • Scatter by shooting at distance with cannons A-19, D-25 T/S, ML-20S, F-34, ZIS-S-53 and KwK-36 has been decreased by 30%
  • Fire rate of A-19 was increased from 2,42 to 3 shots per minute, fire rate of D-25S was increased from 3.72 to 4 shots per minute


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  • Trails from tracks on OpenGL render and MacOS have been fixed
  • Optimization on Compatibility Mode has been significantly improved
  • Fixed: After the X-Ray Deathcamera View you can now correctly see who killed you
  • Performance on all render modes has been improved
  • Fixed an error where sounds would disappear after player would open fast message menu


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CDK for War Thunder 1.43

New version of CDK for War Thunder 1.43 update is released. You can downoad it here


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Update 10.10.2014 (

  • Fixed problem with low resolution maps
  • Fixed texture bugs of the P-47 aircraft
  • Fixed display of sniper mode in replays
  • Client stability has been improved


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Update 1.43

1.43 update is now available and we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the changes that will occur to War Thunder in the new update. Our game has been transformed – new tanks and aircraft, maps and new War Thunder features, which you have been requesting for a long time are waiting for you.
List of changes in War Thunder 1.43

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