Update 07.08.2014 (

  • Oculus Rift: Positional Tracking support has been enabled.
  • Hangar reflections have been fixed.
  • Fixed a black aura that sometimes was appearing on vehicles while moving with motion blur enabled.
  • Fixed bug where AI aircrafts would spawn with missing landing gear
  • Fixed missing sound of ammo rack explosion and fire
  • Fixed track traces on “old videocards support” mode – they were too bright.
  • Fixed an issue when after disabling Steam overlay – links inside the game shop would stop working.
  • Changes for Economy and Battle Ratings have been applied.
  • Several client crashes have been fixed.

Calculation of the score and activity points system has been changed:

  • Players who leave session in first opening minutes will gain less activity.
  • Amount of points in aircraft mode awarded to players in RB and SB increased by 1.5x and 2x respectively.
  • Activity is now also displayed in the userlog message at the end of the battle.
  • Activity is no longer displayed in results of the battle if player has left the battle before it ends.


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  • Fixed an error where engine power was increased for jet planes using hydro-methanol mixture – F-80C and series F9F Panther
  • Japanese bombers G5N1 and G8N1 have been preliminary tuned.
  • Several client crashes have been fixed.
  • Fixed bug on MacOS that was leading to a performance drop
  • Oculus: added Development Kit 2 support; fixed SD.
  • Fixed bug which lead to AI Anti-Air to be much stronger on Karelia and Carpathians, than on other maps.
  • Both team respawn points on RB and SB Carpathians was moved so it will be impossible to fire at them from the castle point.
  • Added mission to eliminate enemy reinforcement squadron captain on Carpathian map

Update 23.07.2014 (Server Update)

  • Tank missions which have more than one respawn point, all points are named based on cardinal direction
  • Added missing new 152mm shells (AP and HEAT) for ML-20S cannon (SU-152 and ISU-152)
  • Fixed traverse of the ISU-152 from +5-5 to -3+7 (based on “Self-propelled artillery weapons ISU-152M and ISU-152K. part 1. Technical description page 5”)
  • Fixed doubled skins for IS-2/IS-2 type 1944.
  • Fixed (increased) rate of fire of the T-80 tank, tank with 3-man crew had same rate of fire as tank with 2-man crew (T-70). Rate of fire increased to 24 shots per minute.
  • PS4: Fixed crash in after battle debriefing screen.
  • PS4: Fixed crash while opening the player information on some of the localizations.


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Update 23.07.14 (

  • Several errors and crashes fixed for MacOs

Update 22.07.14 (

Main Changes

  • New lighting render has been added;
  • Physics have been improved;
  • Planned changes in ground forces matching, battle ratings and progression rate;
  • Squad streaks;
  • Ground forces maps improvements;
  • Bugfixes and massive corrections to performance figures of ground forces;
  • Multiple aircraft flight models have been updated;


  • Fixed AI tank behaviour during collisions. Now they will have the same collision mechanics as player-controlled vehicles;
  • Added base visibility check when viewed through trees – at the moment it is only enabled for the armour penetration indicator in AB;
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be unable to douse fire whilst in water.
  • Added repair and rearming of ground vehicles at capture points;
  • Added influence of tank crew on detection. A non trained crew will be able to locate targets up to 1km away, fully trained to up to 1.5km; direction of detection as follows: commander – towards camera direction, aimer – towards barrel direction, driver and radio operator – towards tank movement direction;
  • AI aircraft take off behaviour has been improved;
  • Improved tank physics on the ground, especially when crossing trenches;
  • Ground forces visibility check has been improved;
  • Fixed errors in Mouse Aim mode;

Graphics and Models


  • Improved rendering. Diffused lighting added; this will improve objects and landscape visibility in deep shadows, particularly in dusk and dawn time.
  • Fixed an issue causing anti-air vehicles’ barrels to get stuck in rare cases;
  • Added penetration visualisation on flexible parts of ground vehicles and aircraft;
  • Collimator sight brightness now depends on the time of the day;
  • Visuals of the VOF-530 (KV-2) HE shell hits improved.


Economy and Progression ( Not implemented yet! )

  • Reduced the amount of RP rewarded for tank battles to better match the air vehicles progression speed;
  • All ground vehicles’ Battle Ratings have been adjusted to better match aircraft BRs and reduce the waiting times (full list of changes);
  • Maximum gap between the lowest and the highest ranked vehicles in a battle set to 1.0 BR; now the rule of maximum 1.0 BR spread applies to all modes;
  • Aircraft economy and Battle Ratings adjustments (full list of changes).


  • Added visual warning about incoming artillery attack;
  • Added ground vehicles’ symbols for the web map;
  • It is now possible to share the following events on Facebook:
    • Vehicle purchases;
    • Researching of all modifications for a vehicle;



  • Added localization for  French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. It’s selected automatically based on Language setting in System Software.
  • Vehicle purchases are now shared to “Recent Activities” feed.

Damage Model Changes

  • Many small errors fixed in ground vehicles damage models (missing support rollers, reserve tracks, external shields);
  • Extra normalization added when the shell calibre exceeds armour thickness. Maximum additional angle of the normalization is 6 degrees if shell calibre exceeds armour thickness by three times.

FM Changes

  • F2A-3, G. 50 serie 7AS, Spitfire Mk Vb and F. Mk IX, G4M1, Blenheim Mk IV, B-17 series, Ki-49, Ju-87 – preliminary tuned.
  • I-16 type 27 and 28, F8F-1b flight models updated to better meet historical data;
  • Drag coefficient reconsidered for 500kg and bigger bombs (reduced) and Br. 21 rockets (slightly increased);
  • Fixed rudder behaviour at low speeds during control-rod locking;
  • Fixed bug that caused deflectable trimmer position set on the ground to not save after test flight;

Weapons and modifications

  • Fixed elevation angles for М4А2 Sherman tank from -12+25 degrees to -10+25 degrees. (According to Hunnicutt  “Sherman. A History of the American Medium Tank” page 542);
  • More detailed armouring model of the Pz.Kpfw IV ausf. H series, arrangement of protection now is after Trojca “Sd.Kfz.161 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. G-H-J [vol. 2]” page 15. Hull back – 20mm, side skirts 8mm, roof of the turret is separated on two zones with armouring of 95 and 30mm;
  • 152mm cumulitive BP-540 shells for ISU-152 have been added;
  • Blunt head AP BP-540B shells for ML-20S (SU-152, ISU-152) have been added. Default shell changed to pointed BR-540;
  • Starting speed of the Pz.Gr.39 shell for 105mm KwK.46 cannon has been changed from 900 to 1005m/s (after “German Steel Armour Piercing Projectiles and the Theory of Penetration” page 30);
  • Added a parameter that simulates anti-recoil and muzzle brake systems. It is more noticeable on light vehicles with powerful cannons (ZIS-30, GAZ with anti-air 72-K cannon etc.);
  • Reduced arc of fire for ZIS-30, traverse angle to the left was decreased from 30 to 17 degrees so gun breech won’t go through model of the loader;

Missions and Maps

  • Added two aviation missions in RB mode: [Operation] Kuban. Myshako and [Event] Attack on Pearl Harbor


  • There is no longer line of sight between the central hill and the Northern respawn point in Arcade battles;
  • Fixed some landscape collision bugs;
  • Respawn points for tanks on Carpathians [RB and SB] was moved further away to increase battle zone size;
  • Fixed bug on northern respawn points on Carpathians [AB]. Tanks should no longer spawn inside the rocks;


  • Riverbed has been reworked so ground vehicles will not drown when entering the water;
  • Added a pathway to the hilltop in the centre of the beach from the right respawn point;
  • Centre capture point area has been slightly changed so the team from the left respawn point will have better protection;
  • Added shell-hole textures to the existing shell-holes;


  • Added sounds from recordings of the original Griffon engine for all the variants of the Spitfire fitted with Griffon.
  • Improved firing sounds for Kw.K, Kw.K 36, Kw.K 37, Kw.K 38, Kw.K 39, Kw.K 40, Kw.K 42, 20-К, ZiS-4, ZiS-5, L-11, F-34 cannons.
  • Added sounds for the Sh-37 cannon.
  • New sounds for the MK-103 30mm cannon (both aircraft and anti-air variants).


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